A Very Belated Post

Hi everyone!  So sorry it’s been so long since my last post…not that anyone is really reading them, but I do feel guilty not writing at least for myself!  Last Sunday and Monday nights my oh-so-popular parents have dinner plans with friends, so I had two fun nights of cooking for myself, and can’t wait to share these recipes.  After coming home from work around 6:30, I flipped through Fast, Fresh, & Green, Susie Middleton’s veggie-loving cookbook (although some recipes are not completely sin pollo).  Two recipes caught my eye: Quick-roasted Cauliflower with Zesty Orange-Olive Dressing and Stir-Fried Carrots with Ginger, Lime, and Cilantro.  Sunday called for the Cauliflower, and by mid-day on Monday I was anticipating the Stir-Fried Carrots, and eager to mix the two recipes together, due to the fact that I forgot I was cooking for only one person and made the entire cauliflower recipe…oops.  Both recipes turned out great, accompanied by a spinach salad and a begging labrador at my feet.  


Today I picked up my older brother at the bus station and can’t wait to spend a whole six days with Mac, the longest brother-sister time we’ve had in over a year.  Mac is a wonderful cook, and we will definitely be updating SinPollo with recipes throughout the week!  Wishing everyone a happy Fourth of July and beautiful weather!  Buen Provecho!


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