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Morning’s Minion of the Moment, Maybe Longer


To offset the butter content of my most recent post, and just to feel better in general, I have been sticking to a new breakfast routine.  I used to eat yogurt and some toast, most mornings.  Thanks to Bill and Elsie’s wisdom and encouragement, I have been baking our own bread for a long time.  I’ve gotten more-or-less good enough to produce at least toast-worthy loaves on a regular basis.  Still, like A.A. Milne, I do like a little bit of butter to my bread, plus a large amount of jam. 


Last week, I was cruising a website I will not mention by name because it’s too embarrassing (let me just say I first discovered it because of an ad involving husky dogs, an igloo and a hot tub… [this, too, makes me twitch, admitting that I watch at least a little network TV]).  I found a video touting a “healthy breakfast porridge.”  I like oatmeal.  Bill doesn’t, but he doesn’t have to eat it.  


This “porridge” has no grain and is not served hot because it’s raw.  


Apple-Almond Slush


2 green apples, skins in tact (so I use organic), cored and chopped into large pieces 

a handful or 2 of raw almonds (emphasis on raw, do not used dry-roasted), soaked in water overnight, then rinsed and drained (they will start to sprout a bit)

one or two figs (I use Calimyrna… from Trader Joe’s) or dates

grated ginger (I keep ginger root in a baggie in the freezer and grate it unpeeled… but for recipes that need cubed fresh ginger, I’d use fresh… this one is fine with frozen, grated)

1/2 lemon, juiced


That’s it.  You drop these ingredients into the bowl of a food processor (you don’t need an 50s-cabinet-sized Vitamix) and whirr.


You can sprinkle on some ground flax seed.  You can also add some yogurt or almond or coconut milk.


Very tasty!  Keeps me feeling fit and hale.


2 thoughts on “Raw Porridge Blog

  1. Finally! A brilliant alternative to breakfast cereal, which is the worst kind of bad for you… I really have a thing about dessert masquerading as breakfast (not that I don’t indulge more often than I should- just hard to find good alternatives). Thanks!!

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