Sundays are for Waffles

As many friends, community members, and family know, Sunday mornings at the Walton house are, let me just say it, the best.  I know, I know.  Every family has their own cute, fun rituals or traditions, each with some inspiration or comedic (or both) backstory.  But our tradition is waffles, or pancakes.  And how great are traditions that involve food?  Having rarely been a family to attend church, we all fall out of bed around 10/10:30.  Few of us shower.  I am usually in my PJs and my hair in knots.  My dad in his sweatpants.  My mom is usually one of the few who is a little put together, weirdly enough.  When my brothers, Mac and Jas, are home (which isn’t often enough anymore), they usually stumble right out of bed and into the kitchen, both grabbing coffee mugs on the way to the table.

Now for the food: breakfast is either pancakes or waffles, and much of the time Dad experiments with different batters (today we are having banana-ginger waffles, and I can’t wait!)  For the omnivores, there are also little sausage links.  Coffee is a staple in every morning of the year, but there always seems to be a bit more on Sundays.  Occasionally Dad cuts up honeydew or cantaloupe or oranges.  Today we are having cherries.  Everything just seems a little bit better on Sundays–and really, good food really does equal a healthy mind!

And now a little update in my life:  I got a job!  I will be working at Wyler’s in Brunswick, and I am totally excited.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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