Garden Time with Eliza (from June 1st)

I started preparations for a bean bower yesterday, a nook for me, or Grace, or Bill to use when we want some green and quiet time.  And shady.  Our good friend Mary Bowers has fashioned this for herself for some years, on the lawn outside their Shangri-La in Alna, close us.  Mary built their house, moving a dilapidated 1750’s cape thirty miles down the road to land she bought and cleared.  A farrier and tow-boat captain (in the summers), Fred manages to find time also to work on his 36-foot metal sloop, which has not yet been launched on the water, but in a strong wind already sways as if in full sail on the Kennebec.  A beautiful boat with grace even in dry dock.  And, the bower!  I will not likely build a house or a boat.  But now that I have prepared the horseshoe shape of cleared sod (measured by moving the string around its stake, and following the two knots that are hard to see here, but mark two separate, equal distances from the middle), I can’t wait to watch the beans and morning glories begin their adventures up the teepeed poles.


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